Janet Carbin’s e-mail – janet@springlakeguards.com


 Swim and Run dates: April 11 and May 16- go to the announcement page for info

  • Returning guards if you go to the announcement page there is information for you to follow for returning this to me.  It would really help if you do this at any point you do not have to wait for the e-mail to do this.  PLEASE CONTINUE TO CHECK THE ANNOUNCEMENT PAGE FOR CURRENT INFO.
  • Pool guards if you are trying out for the beach, remember you may forfeit your spot in the pool if you do not make the beach.  You are placed in the same group of applicants who are trying out for the beach that are new to Spring Lake.  Hiring always depends on the strength of the group of applicants and how many openings we have.


New applicants will need to print an application form from this site, mail it in and be ready for the interview/run/swim date.  You will not need to do any paperwork unless you get hired.  Continue to look on the announcement page for necessary information.


  • No guard will start work unless certifications are current, (you can take the test, but will not work unless all tax paperwork etc, and current certs are on file) so check with Matt G, info on announcement page.


  • ALL GUARDS NEW OR RETURNING, NEED TO HAVE A CURRENT PHYSICAL BEFORE YOUR RUN/SWIM DATE.  You can find the form on the tab on the left of the front page.


  • All applications and/or returning guard e-mails, need to be in before April 1, 2015.